August: Vacation time

Comporta Café's lounge in the sand | My Home With a View

August is one of the most loved months of the year in Europe, as typically means holidays for the majority of the people. Days are long, hot and slow, the sky is astonishing deep blue and sets orange. Big cities get filled with tourists as locals drive to the beach, eat fish, drink fresh wine and get tanned. I am no exception – in fact, I am already counting down for my vacation period. This year, the plans are quite different, but one thing at a time.

July was a hard month, but the good part is that it has ended. Great things will happen in August, I am sure.


Finalize some projects

The first semester of the year was very travel intensive for me, so I hardly had time to focus on the projects I had at hands. So this month, some projects are being finished, both at our home (I have been sharing in our Instagram) and on the new apartment. Finally the construction team is finishing the last details on the new apartment and we have now few tasks left before being able to photograph it and put it in the market. We have been there every week, and the makeover was astonishing. I will try to make a ‘before and after’ type of post for you to see, after it is ready. At home, I have been working hard in July and beginning of August, to get things done: home office is ready, the furniture for the guest room has arrived, curtains on the main divisions were hanged – finally! 🙂 -, and the jacuzzi deck is ready.

However, has you should expect, my projects’ list is endless, so I already have new things in mind to do after my holidays. But for now, I will take a break of all the projects, with the exception of the blog – because I get inspired on the holidays-, to rest.


Friends in Portugal

(very dear and close) Friends from abroad will be visiting Portugal this month next week and we will get to spend some quality time together. We used to travel a lot together and we miss that a lot and being physically with them, also. We will try some new restaurants and some trending spots in Lisbon, but then I will let you know what I though of each one of them. I love to host family and friends at #myhomewithaview and I am very excited with their visit.


Holidays and slowing down

Times have been though on the last weeks, so I deeply need to rest, have some time for myself, to read, be with the people I care about and slow down the rhythm. It will be a complete offline from work period, no watch, timelines or plans. Hopefully lots of sun, salty water, good food and some drinks.


Reading List

Reading is one of my favourite activities during the holidays, because there is no rush. You can deep dive on the matter at hand or the plot, and keep reading for hours. Your mind gets free of the daily routine, work issues or any personal problems you might be facing, and your are able to relax. If you get too relaxed, you can fall asleep, and restart later, or the following day. No schedules. I have been searching for some books, and already ordered my holiday reading list from Amazon.



August will also be a time for celebrations. The birthday and the baptism of our sweet Tomás, son of very close friends of ours will be in two weeks time.

Hopefully it will also be the month were we, as a family, will have a very special reason to celebrate.


August will fly away in an instant, as it always does, and when it ends, I will hopefully be with my batteries fully recharged to embrace September.

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