My list of restaurants in Portugal

Sunset view from Ilha do Arroz | My Home With a View

While living in São Paulo, one of our favourite thinks to do was to discover new restaurants and nice places to have some drinks and be with friends. Portugal is well known by its gastronomy, and during the last couple of years, it has been trending as one of the best places to visit and to live in. A lot of new restaurants and bars have opened, and I really want to get to know them and share them with you.

Here is a list of the restaurants and what is my opinion about them. I will be updating the list from time to time. If you have inputs, comets or suggestions, please fell free to give your feedback!

Comporta Café's lounge in the sand | My Home With a View
Comporta Café’s lounge in the sand | My Home With a View


Duplex – Sophisticated restaurant downtown at Cais do Sodré, next to the Mercado da Ribeira. It is called Duplex because it is upstairs of a bar – quite cool! Food was nice, but service was slow. Really nice for a Friday night dinner with friends before go dancing. Can’t remember the prices, but was not cheap.

La Paparrucha – Excellent Argentinean cousine and one of the best views in town. Start with a mojito, and then ask for some Portuguese red wine to go with the meat. Make a reservation and ask for a table by the window. Dinner with drinks, starters, main course, desert and wine, will cost you around 40 euros per person.

Lost In – In the middle of Principe Real, one of the finest regions in the heart of Lisbon, you can find this special place. On the balcony you have several beds, puffs and sofas to relax while drinking something fresh. Perfect to relax in the middle of a cultural afternoon.

Mercado da Ribeira – This was an old market transformed into a concentration of several restaurants. The place is nice, however, it gets really crowded and difficult to find a place to sit down to eat. Options are the best part – you have from organic healthy food, to meat, fish, cakes and wine. Prices are fair.

Palácio do Chiado – It is literally a palace and is composed by several restaurants serving from codfish to meat, it also has a sushi restaurant. I have tried the tuna with quinoa from the Local Chiado, and it was quite good. With wine and desert, it will cost you around 20 euros per person. Really want to try the sushi bar, Sushic, from the same owners of Sushic on the south margin of Tejo. Perfect for lunch on a hot day; go early to avoid queues.

Pharmacia – The old pharmacy themed decoration of the place gives it a special touch and food is good (Portuguese food). Don’t recall the prices, but it is not cheap. Nice to try it once.

Sushi Factory – Went for lunch on a working day. The Arts’ Factory, the complex, is a great place that everyone needs to try, however the best way to reach it is by taxi or uber – parking is a nightmare. As for the food on the Sushi Factory, it was good… I am used to eat sushi in Sampa, and therefore the bar is set pretty high for sushi restaurants. It was an ‘OK’ for me….

The Decadente – Portuguese ‘tapas’ with ingredients of the season. Young environment, and really nice service. Last time I went was 2 years ago, don’t remember the prices. It also serves brunches – need to try it one day!

Cantinho do Avillez – Avillez is a very well known Portuguese chef, that has several restaurants downtown. The Cantinho is the only know I have been so far, and I enjoyed it: food was very tasty. deserts quite nice. Good wine options, although expensive. Reservation recommended, specially on Fridays or weekends. Prices from 30 to 40 euros per person, wine included.


Dona Bia – This is one of my favourite restaurants in Portugal and we always go there for lunch when we are near by. Fresh fish daily and relaxed environment. Make a reservation or prepare to wait. Depending on your order, with wine, it can cost from 20 to 40 euros per person – fresh fish is priced per kilo.

Comporta Café – Nice restaurant at Comporta beach, with a cute chill out area on the sand. Seafood, fresh fish and Portuguese “tapas”. During summer, you will always need a reservation. Parking may be an issue, as the parking area is constantly full during meal hours.

Ilha do Arroz – Also on Comporta beach, this layback restaurant is perfect to watch the sunset on the sea, while drinking a gin tonic. Same parking issue applies. Prices are nicer than Comporta café, but service is slow (however kind).

Sal – Once considered one of the best beach restaurants in the world, it has a privileged location, on the sand of Pego beach. The view is just perfect, however prices are quite salty. Reservation highly recommended, parking is an issue during summer. Food and drinks are great. Ask for a sit on the balcony.


List of restaurants I want to try

A Cevicheria – Lisbon

Bairro Alto Hotel’s terrace – Lisbon

Bairro do Avillez – Lisbon

Bao Bao – Lisbon

Bistro 100 Maneiras – Lisbon

El Clandestino – Lisbon

Miss Japa – Lisbon

O Asiático – Lisbon

Pensão do Amor – Lisbon

Sala de Corte – Lisbon

Sushic (Palácio do Chiado) – Lisbon

The George’s – Lisbon

The Insólito – Lisbon

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