10 picks from @ZARAHOME sales

Sales until 31st of August, both online and on the physical stores.

Zara Home is my favourite decor store ever. Their collections are delicate, elegant and classic, and every season I buy some items to #MyHomeWithaView. Zara Home is one of the stores where you can find really good bargains during the sales season, if you are willing to wait. When I really love something, I don’t risk to wait for the sales, and I buy it right away, but other items, I patiently wait until the end of the season to purchase them. One can check online all the items available in the sale and order them comfortably at home. I am done with buying for this sales season (I think), but here is a list of my picks of what is still available. You can find everything here.

Bamboo Table

Bamboo Side Table by Zara Home
This beautiful bamboo side table can be used as a decoration piece with some flowers, plants, or decor items on it. You can put it inside or on your balcony or terrace.

Metal Tray with Bone Handles

This metal tray can be used to serve entrances or a pie. Its bone handles make it more sophisticated.

Earth Tone Print Frame

Earth Tone Print Frame
This earth tone print frame is perfect for a photograph of a Safari on the African jungle or trip to the Sahara Desert.

Lavender Towels

Lavender premium quality towel
This premium quality lavender towels are so soft and dry our skin so gently, that you will want to retire all your old towels. There are other colours.

Metallic Magazine Holder

White Metallic Magazine Holder by Zara Home
This metallic magazine holder is simple, elegant and sophisticated. You can leave it white, if it fits your home style, but you and easily spray it golden, black, or any other color if you wish to. I bought mine on the last collection, and it is golden toned.

White Elephant Candle

White Elephant Candle by Zara Home
This candle is one of my favourite pieces, and I bought it as soon I saw it on the store. It is currently on my entrance table and I love it badly.

Clog Slippers

Bucked Felt Mule Clog Slippers
These slippers are perfect to use during winter, with some hot and comfortable socks. During the summer, I usually walk around the house bare foot.

Transparent Box

Transparent squared box by Zara Home
This transparent squared box is a piece that you can use in multiple ways: as a jewellery box, on a side table with decor items inside, on your bedside table or simply to organize drawers or shelfs.

Black Metal and Glass Lantern

Black Glass and Metal Lantern by Zara Home
This straight lines, black metal and glass lantern will work on your minimalist decor, both inside or outside on your balcony.

Fleece Blanket

Plain Lilac Fleece Blanket
This blanket is the safest thing you will have on your bed or sofa. It is perfect for cold sofa+netflix sunday afternoons. I have one in grey, I could not resist when I felt how soft it was on the store.



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